Friday, August 3, 2007


So earlier this week I decided to take a bike ride. My days aren't full of much activity aside from looking at job postings and the intermittent narcoleptic spells so I figured I'd hit the streets. As I peddled my bike that screams to be featured on Pimp My Ride I remembered that there is a trail not far from my house. I started on the trail and could feel this strange thing they call exercise awakening my dormant muscles and getting the blood moving. My usual rides are about 1.5 to two miles at a brisk pace. First I went over a scenic bridge soon to be slapped in the face with a smell that can only be described as "zoo-ish." As the trail winded through the trees I was startled to see elk. That explains the smell. Luckily for me they were contained by a fence. Zipping along on the trail I began to wonder if I'd ever see my home again.

After a while, perhaps 30 minutes, I stopped to check a post that detailed the trail and its distance. I somehow managed to get on the eight mile trail. Did I find this out at mile two or three when I could have easily turned around and gone home? Nope. I figured this out on mile five, the point of no return. It would be five or six miles to reverse my route or three or four to finish. The way the trail was configured, circumscribing a huge lake, probably man-made, there was no shortcut. It was me versus the trail and the evil person that stuck a lake in my way. It should also be noted that this ride occurred during the height of the heat for the day when temperatures rose to around 90. Also, I had quickly gulped down my small supply, one bottle, of aqua leaving me peddling along on a quest for water.

For the sake of no other alternative I carried on. I made a pit stop to refill my bottle, but alas the pump was without a lever. At the next stop I pumped the creaking metal pump to no avail. A call to me mum led me to master the pump. Gloriously cold well water came sputtering out. My sleeveless t-shirt quickly became a soaked rag to cool myself. After a brief outdoor bath to the amusement of the geese, my water bottle was full and I was back on my way toward home.

Back at the ranch, getting up from being seated was difficult as my quads had taken on the consistency of Jell-O. But it was good to get some exercise and learn a good lesson. Check the signs before embarking on a possibly arduous trek.

In related news, I had some phone interviews this past week. How is this related? Mistakes, my friends. On phone call number two I got confused and thought the person calling was from another company. When asked if I had any questions I replied with a question about another company. So, when being interviewed on the phone it is a smart move to make sure what company you are speaking with.