Sunday, November 4, 2007

Week 1

Week one has come to a close. I made it through without napping. I've truly amazed myself. The job involves copy editing and some data entry tasks. Next week I'll start writing stories for another one of their publications that deals with the retail music industry. So I'm looking forward to writing again. One of the major benefits of working at Down Beat is the vast library of CDs. I've started to stretch-out my ears with the help of the editor to try new artists and explore the wonder that is jazz. The top of the stack for last week were:

There were some others that were good but I can't recall the specs. There were some vocalists. A little Freddy Cole which I found a little slow. I sampled a McCoy Tyner album as well. I listened to the debut CD for Hope Watts (I looked for info, but I must have here name wrong) which is a little edgier than what I usually listen to. I also checked out the batch of CDs being reviewed for the next issue.

One week down a few more to go. The people are nice and include me in their daily run to Starbucks. I go along for the exercise.

One downer is that they use macs. I'm not totally opposed to macs; I had to use them for film editing. I am anti-dirty macs without cd drives and no form of Office loaded.

Yesterday I went to ND with my uncle and his family. Miserable ending but great seats and a great game. I've seen some great games with unfortunate endings. Luckily the Tribune was merciful in their report about the game. They only had a few pictures and didn't dwell on ND's collapse.