Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shared: Hybrid Cars May Include Fake Vroom

Could they make the sound from the Jetsons instead?

Hybrid Cars May Include Fake Vroom for Safety: "Makers of hybrid and electric vehicles are working to let them emit sounds, so people can hear them approaching.

Shared: His/Her Pillows

While funny, I've had some dates that would make pillow selection difficult.

His/Her Pillows: "

Can I please have this pillow set for our bed. The hub would die if he walked by our bedroom and saw this.

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Shared: The Secret of My Success

Survival of the fittest.

Now Beer Pong Will Give You Swine Flu: "

According to administration officials at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, drinking games like beer pong have been linked to the spread of the H1N1 virus. Drinking from shared cups — even medically sanitary red Solo ones! — is apparently a surefire way to pass swine flu, and several students at the school seem to have contracted it that way. This is great. As if we weren't bad enough at beer pong, now we have the threat of a debilitating illness with every cup we lose to the other team. [NYP]

Shared: She Fights Her Own Battles

Society never disappoints.

She Fights Her Own Battles: "Post Office, East 70th Street, 2PM

An elderly woman is taking a very long time at the automated postage computer and a lengthy line has formed behind her.

Young Man (very loudly): There should be a muthafuckin' age limit for these machines!
Middle-Aged Man: Sir! That language is uncalled for around ladies! Unacceptable!
Elderly Woman: Thank you, but I can fight my own battles. (Speaking to young man) Eat shit, dick face!
Young Woman: ROCK ON!

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Shared: There’s A Rep for That!

There’s A Rep for That!: "

A LOL to start the weekend, before Apple gets it taken down…