Friday, July 17, 2009

I was feeling good about myself until...

While looking for content to write a bulletin filler, I stumbled across The National Association for Self-Esteem (NASE). While they do welcome you to their site, there is a Members Only section. (Membership starts at $30.)

Does anyone else find this contrary to self-esteem building?

Love Notes

While driving into work this morning, I noticed a wagon in front of me. All I could see of the driver was the small rectangular reflection in her rear view mirror. But on the mirror was a yellow Post-It note with the following:
I Love You.
My sole question is whether or not she wrote the note. Did someone else leave it in her car? Or, in a self-esteem building effort, did she write it to remind herself that she loves herself? Or better yet, did she scribe it so others on the road, like me, would see it and think that she's loved and feel a growing sense of jealousy for not having a similar note on their own rear view mirror?

Happy Friday.